Active AM Restore PM For Hormone & Metabolism Balance

Hormone Issues Cooled Off!

Active AM & Restore PM For Balancing Hormones & Metabolism
Active AM & Restore PM For Hormone & Metabolism Balance
There is a pattern of damage to metabolic and hormonal systems that can be the underlying cause of most stubborn weight gain, sleep problems and pre-menopause/menopause symptoms.

Using Active AM and Restore PM reverses this pattern!

Active AM & Restore PM - Core Formulas

All Natural Hormonal Balancing Nutritional Supplements

Active AM and Restore PM come in two separate bottles. The ingredients consist of the core nutritional catalysts that women need in the morning and in the evening. They are designed to add to your daily vitamin regimen.

Helps Alleviate These Symptoms:
  • Irritability
  • Hot Flashes
  • Certain Sleep Problems
  • Mental, Emotional & Physical Fatigue
  • Daily Life Stress
  • Stubborn Weight Gain
  • Food and Sweet Cravings
  • Inability to Rebuild and Recover Properly

Living on the brink of exhaustion takes a steady toll on women. Especially, in the form of stubborn weight gain, premenopausal and menopausal symptoms, decreasing libidos, hormonal imbalance, compromised metabolism and a sense of overwhelm.


There are many products on the market for treating metabolism. Only Active AM and Restore PM treat the different stages of the body through the day.

Nutrients are delivered throughout the day, To rebuild both the daytime and nighttime phases of metabolism.

The combination promotes optimal rest and recovery at night. It also maximizes energetic output and brain function during the day.


Active AM and Restore PM contain a mixture of vitamins and minerals. They help restore the powerful shifts in your metabolism from day time to night time.

Everyday your entire system undergoes a major transformation. It goes from a very active demanding metabolism during the day to a restorative rebuilding metabolism at night.

Modern life, dominant burdens and your personal total load can ruin this extremely important rhythm resulting in sleep problems, low energy, irritability, lack of motivation, immune suppression, hormone imbalance and inability to rebuild and recover properly.


I discovered a way about nine years ago to organize vitamins and minerals according these rhythms. I learned this from the work of one of the greatest minds to ever study biochemistry, Dr. Emanuel Revici M.D.

Dr Revici spent many years examining the response of nutrients according to their effect on metabolic daytime and nighttime rhythms.

Active AM and Restore PM contain vitamin and mineral mixtures that support day time and night time metabolic rhythms.

Dr. Revici lived to be 101 years old. His life’s work was outlined in a book entitled “The Man Who Cured Cancer”. I listen to the people who contribute to wisdom.

The fact that the supplement industry doesn’t even know of Dr. Revici’s work is beyond comprehension. A major reason why they simply can’t be trusted with your best interest.


Here’s the point I want you to really understand.

You can’t mess around with false hope and empty promises.

Nothing will cause you to get distracted and become overwhelmed faster than forty thousand useless supplements screaming for your attention.

You must focus on the underlying cause of your physical, mental and emotional symptoms like a laser beam.

Active AM and Restore PM does exactly that.

Don Bodenbach


Let’s take a more detailed look at Active AM and Restore PM because – this core product is the difference between success and failure!


Modern Lifestyles Come With Stresses That Many of Us Take For Granted

Active AM and Restore PM deliver a “cascade of healing” that can restore not just your health but also the quality of your life.

  • Balance Insulin and correct blood sugar problems
  • Balance stress hormones Adrenalin and Cortisol, allowing estrogen and progesterone to restore and normalize, too
  • Restore the brain’s feel-good chemicals
  • Revitalize physical and mental energy
  • Break and heal the body’s fat-storing cycle
  • Harness the power of Full Spectrum Standardized Extracts
  • Rebuild both crucial phases of day time and night time metabolism
Active AM & Restore PM - Core Formulas

Get Rid Of Mood Swings and Enjoy Life!

If you are serious about reclaiming your health and your lifestyle, you need full-spectrum healing. You need the power of supplements that correct imbalances and allow your body to heal itself.


The secret to the incredible success of Active AM and Restore PM is something called “therapeutic stacking.” This is a highly advanced method of combining 2 or more standardized extracts that are used to treat the same or similar conditions.

If you don’t use this technique to correct imbalances in major hormones, metabolism and brain chemistry, it’s guaranteed failure.


The key to therapeutic stacking is the potency and superior quality of both the individual and the combined ingredients.

The natural medicine superstars are useless unless you have enough active medicinal compounds in your bloodstream to correct imbalances as complex and devastating as these.

Each one of these natural medicines on their own is a superstar but when combined together in these therapeutic stacks the healing and rejuvenating power is magnified many fold.


It’s not just the combinations that have the therapeutic value, it’s also the potency. What good is a natural medicine no matter how high quality or effective it is supposed to be if the potency or dosage is inadequate?

The only way to get the amazing results from a therapeutic stack is when the nutrients are provided in what is known as the “optimal dose range.”

Wanna know the deep dark secret of the supplement industry? They DO NOT produce quality ingredient products with optimal dose range. They know consumers know little to nothing about dose range. They make billions of dollars BY SHORT CHANGING YOU on quality ingredients and optimal potency.

Quality ingredients and the correct dose are what determine your results!


There are at last count over forty thousand supplements on the market. Guess how many address balancing your major hormones, metabolism and brain chemistry?


Active AM and Restore PM.


Guess how many contain therapeutic stacks providing each natural medicine in an optimal dose range?

Only Active AM and Restore PM!


Active AM and Restore PM are one half of the core nutritional catalysts. They are specifically developed to work together with LifeFactor Essentials for your hormonal health.

They can work on their own. However, the genius of this “system of supplementation” is how fast and effective they produce results together.


If you want to get your life back rapidly and permanently you absolutely must start with the core formulas Life Factor Essentials, Active AM and Restore PM.


Video Transcript of Active AM/PM On Female Nutritional Balancing Supplement

Hi Don Bodenbach here. I want to help you understand the unique healing ability of our daytime and nighttime products Active AM and Restore PM. These products are designed for women.

When you don’t look and feel your best. When you’re gaining stubborn weight, losing your sex drive, when your hormones are out of balance, you may have PMS, peri-menopause and menopause symptoms whatever it may be for you, you know you need to get control of your health and you realize the stress of modern living, which can be so hard for women is taking its toll.

The hurry and worry sickness, poor eating, feeling overwhelmed, sacrificing yourself for everyone else. Your mind and body can only take so much.

You’re ready for Active AM and Restore PM when you’re ready to stop living on the brink of exhaustion and you want to rise above a laundry list of symptoms that ruin the quality of your life.

Active AM and Restore PM is not for looky lou’s. It’s for women who are serious about getting their life back.

You will have to forget about the failures of the past and be open and willing to learn new information that can resurrect your health.

If you can grasp the idea that your mind and body can only cope with so much of a physical, mental and emotional burden from stress and that your hormone imbalances and your symptoms are caused by pushing your mind and body too far then you’re ready for Active AM and Restore PM and you’re ready to get your life back.

Now I haven’t explained what Active AM and Restore PM do for you on purpose.

It simply can’t be done in a short video like this on products that address so many crucial areas of your health that need help.

However, if you’ve suffered enough and you really want your quality of life back then you’ll be willing to take the step to learn more.

If you’ve already heard about Active AM and Restore PM and you feel ready to get started then just click on the add to cart or the buy button.

Our 45 day unconditional, no hassel money back guarantee applies to Active AM and Restore PM just like it does to all our products.

For everyone else I want to give you a free report called “90 Days to a New Life”. Once you read this report you’ll have no questions about what caused your symptoms, why you feel the way you do and how Active AM and Restore PM is the antidote that rejuvenates a mind and body that has been pushed to far.

To get the free report, all you have to do is put your name and email address in the space provided and it will be sent to you immediately.